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Services instructions Follow965 is one of the best sites in providing services All accounts must be public and not private

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In the event that a private account was set during implementation, the application is considered complete

Our system depends on the setting that is automatically installed in the application. It is forbidden to apply for political accounts, extremism, pornography

• You must read the services list page and explain each service before work

• New order Making a new order means that you have read carefully and agreed to all the terms of the site and the return policy

Important Compensation system that works logically! For example, if you have an account with 100,000 followers, and you place a new order of 2,000 followers and the account starts to run short! We cannot compensate for the shortage because the shortage will most likely be from your previous followers, and not what you bought from us. In all cases, no compensation is given to any account whose followers were not all requested from our site in the event that the service had to guarantee compensation for the shortage according to the period mentioned in the service explanation

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