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The Snapchat application is one of the easy-to-use and free applications available all over the world, in addition to containing 90 languages. Adding people through your contacts or by searching for people and adding them. When shooting a video, long click on the camera lens, but if you want to take a picture, this is done by pressing once on the camera lens located at the bottom of the screen.

Snapchat features

  1.   For users who are looking for fame, the Snapchat application allows achieving widespread fame for its users.
  2.   It can make video calls.
  3.   Through it, the user can view the accounts of commercial and media companies and learn about news around the world.
  4.   It contains lenses that improve the photos taken through it.
  5.   It contains various filters that improve the quality of images, in addition to the feature of creating a special filter video for users and making it available to other users.
  6.   Through the application you can get a three-dimensional image.
  7.   It allows the story feature, which can specify a certain number of people to view the story, in addition to that it disappears after 24 hours.
  8.   When you make conversations on Snapchat, the conversations fade away as soon as you leave the conversation.
  9.   Media is automatically deleted from the app, which provides privacy for users to keep their photos and videos.
  10.   You can use what is known as the Snap Map, which allows you to watch videos that appear in specific places.

Snapchat Disadvantages

  1.   Parents cannot watch children's videos and follow them.
  2.   When you use the Snap Map, it displays your geographical location, which puts your life at risk.
  3.   It does not provide protection for children by displaying content that is appropriate for them.
  4.   Making personal information available to everyone, which some find inappropriate.

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