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Instagram is no longer only a tool for sharing photos and videos, but also used to communicate with friends. In personal use, if the person’s page is public, you can send messages and communicate with him without the need to follow the account. If the account is private, then it is necessary to send a request to communicate with the person, and this achieves the complete privacy of the account holders. If the purpose of using Instagram is for a marketing offer, the customer can easily communicate with the owners of local and international brands and inquire about what he wants, in addition to that it also allows the marketer to communicate with his customers and know their opinions about the product after receiving it, for example.

How to send a message to someone on Instagram

In order to communicate through Instagram, you can take advantage of Direct Messages to send messages, pictures, and videos to people you follow through some steps:

  1.   We log into Instagram through smartphones.
  2.   We click on the message icon located on the right in the upper corner, or by swiping to the right.
  3.   Click on Create a new message at the top right of the page.
  4.   Select the people you want to communicate with and then tap on the person's name to open the chat page.
  5.   Write the message that you want to send, in addition to the many additions available from sending stickers, recording an audio clip, or sending pictures and videos. These options are located at the bottom of the chat at the writing bar, in addition to the possibility of making a video call at the top right of the conversation when the recipient’s picture.
  6.   When you finish sending, click on send message.

If you want to have a conversation with a brand after browsing the brand's page and wanting to get many inquiries, you can click on the messaging icon located at the top of the page next to the follow-up icon, then start the conversation, then press the send icon.

When browsing for something and you find a post on a public page and you want to share it with your friends below the video or photo, there are icons for liking and commenting. There is an icon in the form of an arrow. When you click on it, you can send this post to many people and add a comment, no one will be able to see this The message is you and the addressee.

When you want to send the profile of the page to friends, you go to the personal page that you want to send, then click on the three dots located in the upper right part of the page, then choose to share the profile, then choose the person to whom it is sent, which can be a large group of people.

How to use direct messages

Instagram has become at the present time one of the most important platforms that are used in advertising and marketing, so direct messages can be used to communicate with customers and obtain their opinions on the product, and some suggestions can also be presented to them. This allows the work of a good marketing plan based on customer opinions and enhances the good relationship between The customer and the owner of the product, and therefore the opinions of this customer will be trustworthy.

You can visit customer pages, find out their interests, and the brands they follow, and through this, you can identify influential people who can be contacted and collaborate to display the product.

After purchasing any product, customers add some comments, whether negative or positive. Through these comments, you can improve the service provided and communicate with the customer through direct messages, which are much better than the company's e-mail, and it is characterized as a quick and direct way to reach quick solutions.

Direct messages can be used to deal with regular customers and provide them with periodic offers offered by the company, in addition to shopping vouchers and congratulations on public occasions. This strengthens the relationship between the customer and the company and works to publish positive comments about the company and the products it offers.

Increase the number of direct messages

Some resort to increasing the number of direct messages through websites, so the site provides you with adding direct messages by taking some steps. First, put the link for the account. Second, write the names of the accounts to send messages to his followers. Third, the message to be sent to them. You must read the instructions on the site well. To avoid errors during transmission.